The trials and tribulations of life, wonky brain chemistry and blog problems.

So... Hi everybody... It's been a while. I just wanted to write a little update for the blog as I'm getting things prepared around here to start updating on the regular again as I said in a relatively recent post.

But first, a little recap of the "interesting times" I've had going on.

My back was on the mend since the car accident earlier this year and was looking like it was almost better, until recent events which I'll cover momentarily.Through a good chunk of this year I wasn't able to manage my depression very well (probably hindered by the back pain) through sheer willpower and the power of hobby escapism. And so I bit the bullet and went to seek professional help.So I have been re-diagnosed as suffering from chronic depression (I knew, but was managing quite well on my own) and have been given medication to help stabilise my wacky brain chemistry. I'm not fighting it, I knew I needed a helping hand with things as things were.Literally 2 hours aft…

The Huntsman

Wytch-Hunter... Slayer... Headtaker... Beastmaster... Harbinger... Warden of the Deepwyldes...

The common-folk have many names for this wandering slayer of the Wytch-kind... And many have stories they spin, beside the firelight, on the darkest nights...

Yon is nay Sigmarite... But a follower of older Gods yet. Nay not the Dark Ones mind, but v'ry old...
Doth thou see those Ta'alismans he bears? I has't knowledge of these. The argent stag upon his shoulder marks him foremost 'mongst hunters. The Wint'r Wolf about his neck, makes claim of one who is't oathsworn to take the path of war and vengeance.
Howbeit that cannot be possible... The folk who once hath followed those ways art long since passed. Mine own grandfather's father told me these tales when I was but a childe... ” - Godwynne Vaulk, Sigmarite Priest

Aye I hath seen that one once before upon mine own travels. And yond wast a dark occurrence I refuse to repeat aloud. But thee can take from me, if …

Welcome to the new Meandering Shade blog

Hello and welcome to everyone, long time followers and new visitors, to my little corner of the internet. Where I create and play with figures, putty and paints, or dice, pencils and sheets to try to visualise the dark fantastical things that boil up from the corners of my mind. Welcome one and all to the new look Meandering Shade blog!

It's been quite some time since I actually made use of the blog and the purpose of this post is twofold, first an open letter to my followers who haven't seen me around for a while and what the hell I've been up to. And second it's... Well... Well it's a greeting and a "What the hell am I getting myself into?" post for any new faces... I think... We'll see how it goes...

So... My blog is actually 5 years old or thereabouts at the time of writing this post and I missed the recent  anniversary of it for reasons that will shortly become apparent.

At the end of last year I was really burned out, mentally and creatively. I …

The Rot Returns

Hi everybody, my apologies for the lengthy period of silence.

A big thank you to my followers for sticking around while I was gone.

I'm attempting to write this post on my mobile phone, so I hope it turns out well.

I won't bore you with all the details, but a combination of life (depression) and technical difficulties (Computer died). Left me in no mood to do any hobby or write on the blog for quite some time.

But I am getting back into the swing of things. Trying out some new tools and techniques.

I just wanted to pop on and say hi and post up a quick picture (not sure what the quality is like I'm afraid, due to the pc not playing nicely.) I started painting these Nurgle Plaguebearers on Sunday evening, finished painting them Monday evening. I just snapped a quick picture with my phone, will take some better pictures later.

And a thank you to Wilhelm for inspiration with the bases. I pretty much switched the roles of the orange and sepia from that tutorial link and added …

Celtic Hill Fort, my daughter's school project. Or... How your nerdy hobby skills are awesome!

Hi everybody, this is a little break in my normal hobby routine. I just wanted to post about a little homework project I helped my youngest daughter Rhiannon (8 yrs) with over the last couple of days.

She has been studying the Roman Empire at school for some time and they moved on to some of the other peoples of the time period. The last term they have been looking closer at the Celts.

For the Easter break her class was given a project to complete and bring back with a log/journal of how they made it at the start of the new school term and she had been having some difficulty deciding what to do.

Rhiannon had been wanting to make a mask based on some they had studied with a visitor to the school, but she became despondent when children in her class started to bring their completed masks into school and she didn't think that hers would be good enough.

I took a look at her project book and pointed out it said she could make a model of a Celtic roundhouse or hill fort if she wished.

She lo…

Space Marine Painting Competition - Completed

A few posts back I showed my work in progress entries for the painting competition. I didn't get straight back to it as intended due to other things getting in he way, but I completed the paint-jobs and took them to the store to enter them.

Here's my thoughts on how they turned out:

I think he two different whites turned out quite well on pauldrons of the miniatures. The Guardian of Celeres on the left started from a pale grey base colour, the Angel Revenant on the right started from a bone base colour.

I wanted the bases to set them apart a little too, so one got a very light, dry dusty base using weathering powders. And the other got a wet muddy base by mixing weathering powders with a little gloss varnish.

I had a lot of fun with the freehand, it's something I haven't done very often in the past. The Guardian of Celeres chapter symbol on the left was challenging to get the lines straight, but turned out okay, the Angel Revenent symbol you saw in the last post just got a…

Assassinorum: Execution Force - Chaos Cultists W.I.P.

Hi everyone, here's my first update on my board game side-project. I decided to start with Games Workshop's Assassinorum: Execution Force (as you probably already knew from the post title...)

So... I just can't keep things simple. In the box set you get 3 each of 5 variants of chaos cultist. I didn't want to have so many duplicates so I decided to mix things up a bit with some simple head and weapon swaps to make them look a little bit more individual and rag-tag. I also gave them all industrial style bases to match the board game.

Nothing complicated, cut, glue, fill, sculpt... Aha! that reminds me. I decided to try something out I'd read about online some time ago. I used a mix of epoxy putties for the filling and sculpting. The mix was a 50/50 mix of Apoxie Sculpt and good old Green stuff. from what I've seen online the mix can be carved and drilled a bit more easily than pure Green Stuff, but still retains a bit of it's flexibility, reducing the hardness …